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Woody Allen on Life, Happiness & Love

I came across excerpts of an interview with Woody Allen (and Owen Wilson) about Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s wonderful 2011 romantic comedy, for which he won an Oscar for the best original screenplay. Midnight in Paris is the story

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Love, loss and the life journey

A friend shared the following photo of a Persian calligraphy on Facebook. It reads something like: “This is how life goes: one day you love someone, and the next day you are alone and lonely. That simple.” A few commented

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Film: Dan in Real Life

By fortinbras via Flickr Love is not a feeling, but an ability, says the young Latino boy in Spanish to the father of the teenage girl he’s dating. Interesting. Insightful. I suppose it makes sense and I know that one

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"Recipe for Happiness" or just "One Fine Day"

Back in 2002 when I used to spend most of my weekends in San Francisco, one of my pastimes was going for coffee and brunch. Once I read a short poem by SF’s own Lawrence Ferlinghetti on a postcard in

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Another Recipe for Happiness: Jazz, Good Health, and Bad Memory

I attended a jazz festival in UCLA last weekend, the day one of a 2-day UCLA Jazz and Reggae festival. It was an outdoor festival with a big stage on grass field covered with people, and various food and retail

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The Road Ahead

By gtrwndr87 via Flickr It was 5 AM as I was heading to the Bay Area from LA. As I was going through the Grapevine, a heavy fog was covering the road in the dark. It was a bit eerie.

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Fix Me

Image via Wikipedia Last night I saw Coldplay in a concert in San Jose. I happened to find a floor ticket just hours before the show on eBay. It was a great concert. I gained an appreciation for their music

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Naked Angel

Going through Leonard Cohen‘s old recordings from his early days, I came across this painful and dark song of his. The full lyrics are below and you can hear it here though I don’t think the quality of the recording

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Am I already dead, or a broken heart just doesn’t beat?

I get on a cross-country treadmill machine at my gym. I select the cardio mode, for which to work I need to keep my hands on the handles with sensors so it records the heart rate. I start, all intent

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Her healed wings of love

One night back in June I got this text from her: Image via Wikipedia “I don’t express much about what your friendship means to me…But you have to know that you have woken in me that faith in love and

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