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"Recipe for Happiness" or just "One Fine Day"

Back in 2002 when I used to spend most of my weekends in San Francisco, one of my pastimes was going for coffee and brunch. Once I read a short poem by SF’s own Lawrence Ferlinghetti on a postcard in

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Naked Angel

Going through Leonard Cohen‘s old recordings from his early days, I came across this painful and dark song of his. The full lyrics are below and you can hear it here though I don’t think the quality of the recording

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A Dark Night

From The Kite Runner┬áby Khaled Hosseini In a gloomy night with a heavy heart I was reading Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner when I got to this beautiful poetic passage that I so related to. I’ve rearranged it as a

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A Note on Hafez

Khaajeh Hafez Shirazi of 14th century is one of the most celebrated Iranian poets. Though he was an Islamic mystic (a sufi) and could reportedly recite the entire Quran by heart, his love poems are musical, lyrical and timeless. His

Chavela Vargas’ Paloma Negra

Chavela Vargas Chavela Vargas is a legendary Mexican singer with a dramatic and haunting voice that sings with passion and deep emotions. She was featured in the movie Frida. Her song “Paloma Negra” is one of my favorites. Below are

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On the great Leonard Cohen

The Canadian singer, song writer and poet, Leonard Cohen, is one of my favorite singers of all times. His songs like “Everybody knows”, “Dance me to the end of love”, “There ain’t no cure for love”, “A thousand kisses deep”,

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