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A classic song reinterpreted

Once in a while, you hear a familiar old song, and it’s as if you’re hearing it for the first time. That is exactly how I felt when I first heard the cover of classic song The Sound of Silence by

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Woody Allen on Life, Happiness & Love

I came across excerpts of an interview with Woody Allen (and Owen Wilson) about Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s wonderful 2011 romantic comedy, for which he won an Oscar for the best original screenplay. Midnight in Paris is the story

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Film: Dan in Real Life

By fortinbras via Flickr Love is not a feeling, but an ability, says the young Latino boy in Spanish to the father of the teenage girl he’s dating. Interesting. Insightful. I suppose it makes sense and I know that one

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Another Recipe for Happiness: Jazz, Good Health, and Bad Memory

I attended a jazz festival in UCLA last weekend, the day one of a 2-day UCLA Jazz and Reggae festival. It was an outdoor festival with a big stage on grass field covered with people, and various food and retail

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Fix Me

Image via Wikipedia Last night I saw Coldplay in a concert in San Jose. I happened to find a floor ticket just hours before the show on eBay. It was a great concert. I gained an appreciation for their music

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Naked Angel

Going through Leonard Cohen‘s old recordings from his early days, I came across this painful and dark song of his. The full lyrics are below and you can hear it here though I don’t think the quality of the recording

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Tango — A lifelong experience

By dark_mephi via Flickr In one of my Argentine tango classes I saw a documentary, “Susana Tango Pial”, directed by Carlos Pico and Sandro Nunziata. See its trailer. The film profiles a famous old milonga in Buenos Aires where a group of primarily

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Chavela Vargas’ Paloma Negra

Chavela Vargas Chavela Vargas is a legendary Mexican singer with a dramatic and haunting voice that sings with passion and deep emotions. She was featured in the movie Frida. Her song “Paloma Negra” is one of my favorites. Below are

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On the great Leonard Cohen

The Canadian singer, song writer and poet, Leonard Cohen, is one of my favorite singers of all times. His songs like “Everybody knows”, “Dance me to the end of love”, “There ain’t no cure for love”, “A thousand kisses deep”,

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Travel: Turkey and Germany

In late August I visited Turkey (Kusadasi area in Western Turkey) a pleasant and beautiful region by the Mediterranean Sea. I was very close to Ephesus, an acient city ruins site. I also paid a brief visit to Izmir (the