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A new origin for trigonometry

So who invented trigonometry? The Greeks according to many resources, articles and books. The Greek astronomer, Hipparchus, is often credited with compiling the first table of trigonometry in 140 BC, and is known as the father of trigonometry. There are

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World Press Freedom Index 2017

Reporters without Borders (RSF) recently published its 2017 World Press Freedom Index that provides a ranking of press freedom for 180 countries around the world. The methodology is based on responses to a questionnaire that they annually conduct. RSF has

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A classic song reinterpreted

Once in a while, you hear a familiar old song, and it’s as if you’re hearing it for the first time. That is exactly how I felt when I first heard the cover of classic song The Sound of Silence by

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Let’s lose Colombus Day

Please lets LOSE this Columbus Day shenanigan. Most of it is based on falsified and twisted history fed to the kids and public. It’s nothing but a shameful reminder of the genocide, rape, slavery and destruction that Columbus and his gang committed

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Secret to success and happiness, positive psychology

I came across this delightful and hilarious TED talk by Shawn Achor, CEO of Good Think Inc, about positive psychology, happiness and success, and how we often get this wrong in our personal and professional lives. Here is the talk. Listen

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Where does your country land in the Legatum Prosperity Index?

A “Prosperity Index”? The Legatum Institute just published its 2012 Prosperity Index which ranks 142 countries in the world along 8 different factors: Economy Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Governance Education Health Safety & Security Personal Freedom Social Capital In this latest ranking, the top

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Economic inequality harms societies especially USA in many ways

This TED talk recorded in July 2011, by Richard Wilkinson, provides compelling research data (from UN and World Bank) on how income inequality within rich and developed countries (particularly USA) damage societies along many dimensions. According to his data, Singapore, USA and Portugal are

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Woody Allen on Life, Happiness & Love

I came across excerpts of an interview with Woody Allen (and Owen Wilson) about Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s wonderful 2011 romantic comedy, for which he won an Oscar for the best original screenplay. Midnight in Paris is the story

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Walking in the rain

It was raining hard when I left the bar late night. After a fairly long and warm summer, the Fall had finally arrived with the first rain of the season. I paused and contemplated for a moment by the door…it’s

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On the killing of bin Laden

What happened So US finally got Osama bin Laden, the founder and leader of the dreaded Al Qaeda, a militant Islamic organization potentially responsible for a number of deadly terror attacks on US and Western interests over the past 15 years including

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