Let’s lose Colombus Day

Please lets LOSE this Columbus Day shenanigan. Most of it is based on falsified and twisted history fed to the kids and public. It’s nothing but a shameful reminder of the genocide, rape, slavery and destruction that Columbus and his gang committed in the supposedly newly discovered land.

The video below from the HBO’s LastWeekTonight hosted by John Oliver is a must see.

RawStory has dug up a few interesting quotes from the letters of Columbus and his cronies that speak to their savageries. For a more reading on this topic, refer to Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States of America (2010). Kudos to whoever put an ax through the head of Columbus’ statue in Detroit, MI this earleir this month. Why the city of Detroit has a statue of Colombus in the first place, is beyond me.

Many cities in USA have started celebrating Indigenous People’s Day instead of the C Day. In 1992 Berkeley, CA declared October 12 the Indigenous’ People Day and has been celebrating it since. Every year more cities seem to join Berkeley. This year, Albuquerque, Portland, Oregon and St. Paul, Minnesota are among the major cities that recognized and celebrated Indigenous People’s Day. Berkeley has been celebrating the indigenous day for many years.

This post is based on an earlier post of mine on my Facebook page.

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