Woody Allen on Life, Happiness & Love

I came across excerpts of an interview with Woody Allen (and Owen Wilson) about Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen’s wonderful 2011 romantic comedy, for which he won an Oscar for the best original screenplay. Midnight in Paris is the story of a Hollywood writer, Gil (played by Owen Wilson, essentially playing a younger Woody Allen) on vacation in Paris with his fiance. Gil who’s having trouble writing his book, is in search of that elusive happiness. He falls in love with Paris and as he drifts away from his fiance, he starts fantasizing about Paris in 1920s. Somehow every night after midnight, he ends up hanging out and partying with the literary and artistic greats of the early 20th century such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, among others, in the Parisian cafes and lounges of 1920s.

In this interview Woody Allen expresses his views about life, happiness and love, which is a must for everyone to hear. His brutal honesty along with his apparent awkward body language is what makes him such a genius of comedy and film. He’s an original. You can see the clip below.

Here are some excerpts which I have transcribed from the video:

I am not happy that I’m here but I wouldn’t be happy there either, because I am not happy in general. So whenever I lived I would be unhappy. Life itself is a very unhappy experience. So it really doesn’t matter when you lived. The cosmetics change but the problems remain the same…

And on love he says:

That is a commercial cliche. I don’t think love is the answer to all the problems at all. Love is a nice part of life; it’s one part of life. So is baseball; so is BBQ chicken…Love is one of the nice distractions from the brutality of life. But it certainly doesn’t answer all the questions or many of them even…But in movies and fiction, when you say love is the answer and love will conquer all, people like to hear that. So they buy tickets.

I couldn’t agree with him more. Go see the film and be happy for the time being.

This piece is based on a note I originally published on my Tumbr here.

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