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Love is not a feeling, but an ability, says the young Latino boy in Spanish to the father of the teenage girl he’s dating. Interesting. Insightful. I suppose it makes sense and I know that one has to have the open heart and the capacity to love. But still I hadn’t heard it in so many words so explicitly. Quoting this on Facebook, jokingly I made a comment that how come no one ever told me this before. A friend upon reading my comment on this recommended that I read “Blue Truth”. I plan to do that. 

Now back to the film. I don’t like the idea of falling in love with one’s brother’s girlfriend but I liked this film — a lot. It made me want to have a big family and live in North Easter USA. It made me miss hard pouring rains, family gatherings and Thanksgivings. I laughed and I cried. It is a good romantic comedy. The closing has a couple of great up songs I believe by the Norwegian Sondre Lerche, who also appears performing at the end of the film. 

As for the cast, it’s hard not to like Steve Carell. He’s unpretencious and naturally lightly funny. John Mahoney as always makes a great dad for grown up men. And Julliette Binoche: not as hot as her early days but I pretty much like anything she’s in with a bias. I still think she should stick to noir French-style films and do less of hollywood light-hearted comedies. 

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