Another Recipe for Happiness: Jazz, Good Health, and Bad Memory

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I attended a jazz festival in UCLA last weekend, the day one of a 2-day UCLA Jazz and Reggae festival. It was an outdoor festival with a big stage on grass field covered with people, and various food and retail vendors set up all around. It was a beautiful and sunny day. I enjoyed it.

Dianne Reeves, one of my favorite jazz singers, was among the performers. She was awesome. She did a couple of songs including one from the end of George Clooney’s film “Good night and good luck” that were quite touching. It somehow took me back to the painful days. It still hurt but it was good to remember that it was all over.

Later on when I was walking through the temporary vendors stands, I saw a t-shirt with the following quote:

“Happiness is having a good health and a bad memory.” -Ingrid Bergman

Yeah, that is what I need: a bad memory to forget that it ever happened.

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