The Road Ahead

Foggy Road
By gtrwndr87 via Flickr

It was 5 AM as I was heading to the Bay Area from LA. As I was going through the Grapevine, a heavy fog was covering the road in the dark. It was a bit eerie. I had dreaded going up there since I moved. This time it was no better. The wounds were still pretty much open. It would be one of my last trips till I got rid of the house.

As the sun started rising later on behind the heavy fog in the middle of the desert, I had a strange sensation. There was a moment of clarity in which a wave of emotions like an electric charge ran through me. I felt an energy surge. I let go of the fear and I challenged the unknown ahead of me. I started to look forward to the trip and to the journey beyond. I pushed on the accelerator. The car was ripping through the waves of fog.

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