Am I already dead, or a broken heart just doesn’t beat?

I get on a cross-country treadmill machine at my gym. I select the cardio mode, for which to work I need to keep my hands on the handles with sensors so it records the heart rate. I start, all intent to get to the target rate. After a few minutes the machine violently beeps and announces:


So I assume that the sensors on the machine don’t work. I try another one. This time I hold the sensors as tight as I can and hardly move my hands as I start running. A few minutes later the same thing!

Hmm…now I am getting worried. I stop and place my hand over my heart. I can vaguely feel weak and sparse heart beats. Hey, maybe I am already dead and I don’t even know it! Is this a dream I am living in? Is this just my tired soul wondering around?

Or perhaps a broken heart just doesn’t beat like a normal one?

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